Building social, location based, mobile gaming apps using real world mechanics


Location Based

Location Based

Taking advantage of the power of GPS and a surge in location based services, all our games use physical locations as the game board and require the user to be out and about to play.



Modern smartphone user behaviour provides the platform to build highly engaging, highly retentive games at the forefront of players' minds throughout the day. We only build products for mobile devices.

Real World

Real Mechanics

Every game is based on a familiar real world concept and/or uses the real world to power the game mechanics. We don't do hourly rent collections and we definitely don't do virtual worlds.

Management team

James Shrager

CEO / Founder

An entrepreneur who started his own company at the age of 14 in the computing and web sector. He formed Quip after teaching himself both web and mobile app development from scratch.

James is a qualified accountant, and trained at PricewaterhouseCoopers between 2007 and 2010.

As a prelude to Landlord, James developed Ladiator, a mobile app that successfully enabled James to gain experience in the Apple accreditation and approval process, different infrastructure and server configurations, and managing server issues and bug fixing. He also has experience in developing apps and commerce sites for third party customers.

Mark Donougher

Non Executive Director

Through a varied career including start up advisory, inward investment, and transaction support Mark is an experienced advisor to entrepreneurs.

During his 19 years at PricewaterhouseCoopers, Mark spent four years seconded to the UK Government where he successfully set up and ran the Global Entrepreneurs Programme.

After PwC, he spent two years as the partner leading the transaction support business of Oury Clark.


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